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Louisiana Overtime, Labor Law Questions

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If an employee quits or is fired, when should they receive their final paycheck?

Employees who quit or are fired or laid off must receive their final wages on the next regularly scheduled payday, not to exceed 15 days from the date of separation. Final wages should also include unused vacation time.

Workers should send a written request for their last paycheck. Upon receipt, employers must pay the worker all wages due in a timely fashion or be subject to a penalty. Employees who do not receive their final paychecks can pursue unpaid wages through a private lawsuit.

Can an employer pay their workers after a regularly scheduled payday?

Louisiana wage and hour law states that employees working in mining, oil and gas, manufacturing or public service corporations must be paid in a timely manner. However, Louisiana wage and hour law does not contain provisions regarding the timeliness of payment to workers in other fields. Therefore, no state sanction can be imposed against those employers for missing a regularly scheduled payday and paying employees at a later date.

What are the laws regarding Louisiana overtime and minimum wage?

Louisiana does not have state-specific laws regarding overtime and minimum wage. Louisiana employers must follow the federal law known as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Can an employer make unauthorized deductions from a worker’s paycheck?

Louisiana wage and hour law states that employers cannot penalize an employee or deduct money as a penalty or fine unless the employee damages the employer’s property. The deduction cannot exceed actual damage done.